Only wish to be you

As I sit at my desk tonight to take a look at the goals I have for the future and plans I have made for my day to day life to ensure smooth sailing to reaching these set goals, something comes to mind.  It comes to mind, not because

cropped-cross-line-update2.png of the task I am busy with, but because of the challenges I have found myself facing of late.

Alright, it is possible for a person to face so many problems, so many that they think that maybe they are the worst sinner in the whole entire world, or even think that the universe has it in for them.

Believe it or not, I have had those thoughts.  I am human after all.

Sometimes the magnitude of the challenges or the problems you face as a person in the journey of life is determined by the path you have chosen to embark on or even by the goals you have set for yourself, I believe.  And I learn some lessons, then I learn lessons… That fear and shying away from your problems only goes to make them worse.

It is almost like trying to run away from yourself:  The reason you call them your problems is that, you are the one affected by your problems, so you call them your problems.  And if it’s your problems, you have to work out solutions to solve your own problems.

That means you have to face them and not try to run away from them or blame other people for the problems you call your own.

Okay… why do I keep calling your problems “your problems”, because when it’s other people who have problems, you’d normally say, well it does not affect me or my loved ones, then “not my problem” And when it’s your turn to have problems, you acknowledge that it is your problems but you then try and run away from them or even try and blame other people for causing you problems.

I say the next time you have problems try and find the nearest mirror and look to it for the one cause of your problems.  You do not intentionally cause problems for yourself.

The reason many of us who are moving away from our familiar place of comfort to make a better place for ourselves in the world would have to face this minor problems, is because we are human and by nature we are not perfect.  In our not being perfect we easily fall into the trap of following the ambitions of our heart, sometimes at the expense of the task at hand.

The journey of discovering parts of your world you have never experienced before has a way of bringing with it challenges in that way.

So what can we say about that.

Take heart and keep learning!


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